Space Saving Storage Ideas

Storage can be an issue in any home, but here are some simple ideas that won’t break the bank and will make your space more functional.

If there is anything that is consistent with space in a home, it is that there is always a room or two that never have enough storage. Bathrooms, bedrooms, and dens tend to be problem areas for storage, as most of the space is taken up by large furniture or lavatory utilities. Creating storage in these areas, while challenging, can be accomplished very economically and with elegant style.


The best way to find more storage in a bedroom is with divan beds that have drawers in the base, or the entire bed can be raised on hydraulics to reveal space inside. You can find some nice cheap divan beds at that will allow you to replace all the beds in your home without too much expense.

Closet offices can create the room you need in a children’s or guest bedroom: Simply attach 2x4s to the walls of the closet, lay a piece of MDF board across the 2x4s, and glue laminate to the top and front edge of the board. Drill a hole in the back of the countertop for computer wires and you have a functional desk.

Hide-a-beds are also great if you need a larger office with a sleeping area. The bed simply folds into the closet when not in use and folds out when it needs to be utilized. This keeps the flow of the room open and creates a larger office environment. I have one of these installed in my loft that I converted into a loft with the help of this local loft conversions in Oxford company.


Creating storage in a small bathroom can be a challenge, but is not very hard to accomplish using a few space saving techniques. For tile showers that have few shelves and little storage, you can create storage on almost an entire wall of the shower by installing recessed shelves. Cut out a section of the wall with a circular saw along the grout lines of the tile. This will keep the shelves uniform in look. Install 2×4’s in the areas that you cut out so that the 2×4 sits about half an inch in from the tile.

The 2×4’s make a frame that will be the outline for the shelves. Screw pieces of ½ inch concrete board to the 2x4s. The board should be even with the existing tile. TO finish off the area, add tile in a slightly lighter tone than the existing tile to give it some depth. Use glass or tile shelves to create areas for soap, shampoo, and other bath and shower products. This project will cost less than £100 and transform your shower and add valuable storage.

Creating a place to hang towels is very important in a bathroom. Hanging towel hooks in succession on the back of a door is a great way to create multiple hanging surfaces while utilizing space. Hanging the hooks in a diagonal line allows you to hang the hang more towels and robes closer together while still allowing enough separation to dry properly.

Recessed medicine cabinets can be as tall as 48 inches and can be ordered to match your existing cabinetry. The attractive medicine cabinet will give the bathroom a customized look. Just hold the cabinet up on the wall where you want to place it, and trace the back of the cabinet. Cut along the lines you made and remove the drywall. Install 2x4s in the top and bottom portions of the hole in the wall and screw them in through the drywall and existing framing. Then push the medicine cabinet into the hole and secure it through the inside of the cabinet from the bottom and top with screws.

Den or Family Room

One design element that is rarely seen anymore is bookcase storage. Creating a ceiling bookcase storage system can be very helpful in storing all those movies, books, and games that otherwise take up space in a bulky entertainment centre. This leaves room to mount the TV on the wall, or downsize the entertainment centre, for more room in the den. Even though the bookcases go from floor to ceiling, they stay thin enough to take up little space.

Using these space saving ideas can dramatically change the look of your space, while making it more functional. All you need is a little bit of time and creativity to bring your visions to fruition.