My Mum’s New Face

When my mum first announced her intention to have Botox treatment on her face, we were all a little skeptical and not sure that she was making the right decision. Of botox1course we all felt our mum was beautiful just as she was, and at only 55 she had no need to have anything done, as we could not see any excessive wrinkles or lines. She was adamant however, and spent many hours researching all the different choices of cosmetic surgeries and of Botox, which is what she decided upon and last week booked herself in a London wrinkle treatment clinic for a treatment.

We were still quite adamant in our opposition and the whole family tried their best to talk her out of it, but to no avail. Once we saw that her mind was made up and there was no changing it, we of course gave her our fully support and I went with her to the clinic. I sat nervously biting my nails while she was inside, but when she appeared a short time later, I saw the biggest smile on her face and her eyes were sparkling, and I could see why – she looked absolutely amazing; at least 10 years younger than when she went in, and this just moments after the treatment was finished. When I thought about an aunt of mine who had undergone cosmetic surgery and the bruised and puffy face she had to put up with immediately after the procedure; not to mention the artificial look to her face when the swelling went down.

What a difference between that treatment and this! The overall effect was so natural, that anyone who did not know my mum would have no idea that she had had any treatment done at all; her skin was smooth and glowing and she looked great. Just one week after the treatment, my mum is happier and more confident than she has been in a long time, and we are now all totally convinced that she made exactly the right decision.