How to analyze a site for better search engine ranking

Analyzing a website or site audit is one of the most important parts of overall search engine optimization process. It is the first phase in the overall Internet marketing process. In the next part of this article we will be discussing and elucidating how o do an effective website audit. The success of your Internet marketing campaign depends on this initial phase and if one can do it meticulously you have won half of your battle.

How to Do Effective Site Audit

One of the question that pops up in our mind while we thought about auditing a website is how to analyze the website effectively. Since much of your success depends on the effective and quality analysis of the website. hence it should be done meticulously and consciously. In the next part of our article we will be compiling those facts and thoughts that can help webmasters and businesses do an effective analysis of a website. So, let’s move on…

What is the purpose of the Website?

Identifying the purpose of the website is the first thing that comes to the mind when marketing through Internet is concerned. Every loop-holes present in the website designing process should be addressed right at the beginning. Your landing page should describe your product and services in the first glimpses. There are many websites that don’t use tagline to depict what their website is about. Businesses need to do a fair amount of research about their products and services. They need to understand the nature and taste of their customers. Your website should be built as per their taste.

Analyzing the feel, look and usability of the website

Analyze the Look of the Website: The best way to determine if the look and feel of your website is at par with the search engine guidelines ask someone to load your website. He should be a person completely unaware of the goal of the website in question. If he is able to figure out the goal and motto of the website without brainstorming his brain much then you are in the correct path.

The purpose of your website should be caught right at the first glance. Asides, if your website is built for academicians and research scholars it should devoid of any kind of fancy graphics and designing. However, if you’re targeting is youth and young people it should be rich of images, graphics and other funky stuffs.

Analyze the Usability of the Website

The usability represents the overall navigational plan of the website. It includes if users can navigate through your entire website without stressing much on their eyes and brain. If your website is tough to navigate it is very simple for them to go for another website that offer same product.

Another important thing that we need to consider while analyzing the usability of the website is availability of the website to search engines. See if it is possible for search engines to reach every page of your website and crawl it.

Ensure each of your service pages is linked right from the Home page. Interlinking helps search engine bots find your documents on the World Wide Web. Following are the questions that every webmasters need to ask them selves:

If your Website appears tired and old
If your website lacks trust
If your website has social proof
If your website has gut feeling
If the designing of website offers enough reputation as an organization

Analyze the Social Media presence of the website

Social media optimization is not only important to gain backlink but is also important to let people think that you are an authority in the niche you are in. If you have a social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Google+ and other social media spaces, it simply depicts that you are serious about your job and you are a leading player in your industry.

Important keynotes

If you are interacting with your customers on a regular basis
If you are resolving customer’s queries every now and then
If people are talking about you How many likes do you have
What is the level of visitor’s engagement
What is the level of bounce rate
What is the level of customer satisfaction
Add comments and social sharing icons for all blog posts
Make their email sign-up form more prominent

Analyze Top Level SEO review

This is one of the important aspects of your overall website audit and it should be checked and loop-holes should be addressed at the earliest. This part of website analysis consists of several factors some of which are as follows:

Keyword research: See if you are targeting exact and profitable keyword for your website. There are various keyword analysis tools available these days, and webmasters want to use all these keyword research tool. Each time you use a keyword research tool results may vary and then you will have to find the most profitable keyword for your website.

Determine the domain authority:Domain authority is another important aspect for overall website audit. In order to determine the authority of your domain you need to decide on following things;

Find and determine the Toolbar page rank of the domain
Determine the domain authority of your website with open-site explorer tool
Determine the mozrank of the website
Determine Domain moz-trust

Analyze the back-link profile of the website

Back-link profile analysis is another important thing that people need to do while employing a website audit. Majestic SEO is one of the important tool that webmasters and Internet marketers can use to rank their website high on the SERP.

The best way to analyze the backlink profile of your website is by:
Backlink discovery (Cumulative view)
Referring Domain discovery (Cumulative view)
Back-link discovery (Non-cumulative view)
Referring Domain discovery (Non-Cumulative View)


Simply put, website analysis is one of the most important phases of your overall internet marketing campaign and if it is done meticulously it can reap great benefits in long-run. There are various tools and techniques available these days that webmasters and search engine optimizer’s can use to get most out of their marketing campaign.

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