Finding the Best Wardrobes & Single Divan Beds for Your Bedroom

Today the vast array of home furnishings makes choosing very complicated. There are so many different styles, materials, colours and sizes of every item, that it can become quite bewildering.

Not everyone wants the most modern furniture designs, and many people are still opting to buy more antique looking pieces. Antique, vintage, and reproduction bedroom wardrobes can look extremely elegant and beautiful and are a popular choice for those who have period homes, or large enough bedrooms to comfortably accept these somewhat cumbersome wardrobes.

Modern designs of furniture are much more lightweight and will fit into smaller bedrooms. Many modern designs are focused on space-saving and fitting storage space into the bed itself. Obviously, if you are short on space you will need a smaller size bed. Check out this site which has a single divan bed sale on.

Sometimes the layout of an older home is awkward; you might find that your house has an odd space between rooms on the landing. With modern furniture designs, you can take advantage of this and place a fitted wardrobe in the space, which gives you convenient storage.

Fitted wardrobes are ideal for most bedrooms, as you can have the wardrobes fitted along just one wall, with 4 to 6 doors that provide hanging space as well as shelving, drawers and shoe racks.

This gives your bedroom a neat appearance and makes the most of limited space in a small room. You might also want to consider having a mirrored door fitted to provide you with a full-length view and also eliminate the need for a separate mirror; at the same time giving the appearance of a larger room, through the reflection.

Another handy tip for smaller bedrooms is to buy fitted wardrobes that have a space for the headboard in the centre. These usually have a full sized closet on either side of the bed as well as a cabinet above with plenty of room for books and other items, adjoining the two wardrobes together above the bed.

Free Standing Wardrobes

Not all rooms will have the space for large fitted bedroom wardrobes, and you may decide that a stand-alone wardrobe is more practical for your needs. You will find a wide selection that fit in with all types of bedroom decor. Mirrored wardrobes are again a good choice for smaller rooms, and you can opt for sliding wardrobes that are also great space savers as you do not need to leave much room between the wardrobe and bed because the doors do not need to swing open.

Remember if you are buying furniture online; make sure that you measure your bedroom properly before ordering. It is very disappointing to find that the furniture you have long awaited for is too large for your room, and photographs may be misleading as to the actual size of the furniture.