Best Airsoft Accessories 2018

For an airsoft player, there are a lot of useful but also useless air soft accessories and equipment on the internet. In order to save you from a bad buy and thus wasted money, I will introduce you in the course of the most popular and best-selling soft air accessories. I hope that you too will find something suitable for you and your airsoft weapons here. If you would like to know more about Airsoft, have a look at my softair guide

.Which different airsoft accessories are there anyway? In the airsoft area, there are a variety of different airsoft accessories and equipment. There are attachments for the softair weapon, clothing or protective equipment for the player as well as various gadgets for the Airsoft terrain. This section of my website is mainly about the airsoft accessories for the weapon.

The modifying their own Airsoft Gun prepares most players especially fun. There are countless different attachments so that everyone has the opportunity to customize their airsoft gun according to their personal style and needs.

Target with bullet trap

This basic target is ideal for training in closed rooms. Due to the ball catch, the balls are not distributed throughout the room and you can easily reuse them. With a zipper at the bottom, you can easily get your ammunition out of the ball catch after training. The case is made of plastic, which is relatively stable, however, only softairs up to a joule should be used, otherwise it may be that a piece of plastic breaks out after a missed shot. Badly solved is the closure for clamping the targets, as this breaks off quickly. At this point, a little tip for those who have already done so: if you pull the net forward over the frame and hooks there, then you can easily reuse the target. The advantage over a variant made of metal is that the balls cannot break in the bullet trap and continue to be used. That saves a lot of ammunition. In addition, this ball catch is unbeatable low and just reduced.

Gun case for pistols

Airsoft guns are a pseudo-weapon in the legal sense of the word because of their deceptively real appearance. Thus, they are subject to German weapons law and may not be worn in public, at least not open. This means that the airsoft must be transported in a closed transport container. What this is about is not defined, it only has to be locked, the weapon must not be loaded, and the ammunition must be transported separately. You can only use your Airsoft on private grounds or on specially designed training facilities!

In order to be able to transport his airsoft gun safely and comfortably, a weapon case like the one in the picture above is suitable. So the softair is well stowed and is relatively safe from outside access, if you use a padlock.

The disadvantage of this extremely cheap model is that more expensive gun cases are of course much safer. However, this is not a real weapon that should be transported, for a softair, this suitcase is sufficient, and if we are honest, then you do not want to spend so much. For the price of €8.98, you get a weapon case made of sturdy ABS plastic with a foam insert that is designed to prevent slippage of the airsoft during transport, which makes it reliable. You can transport pistols and revolvers of all popular sizes with magazine and most of the time you can easily store a second magazine.


In the case of softair visors, a distinction is made between normal visors and visors with magnification.

Normal visors such as a red dot or even a holographic visor are perfect for the near or house fight. Visors without zoom are mainly for low-range airsoft weapons.

Visors with magnification and, among other things, riflescopes are particularly suitable for long- range airsoft weapons from about 50 meters. Ideally, the visors are mounted on sniper rifles , but also on so-called DMR.

Front handles

Front grips are also a very popular softair accessory. They look very good visually and change the design of the softair weapon significantly. In addition, front grips can also significantly simplify guiding and aiming with the weapon and thus lead to a better game. Garden furniture set

Among the front handles, there are a variety of different models, which one of these models one chooses depends largely on their own personal feelings and needs of the player. In case of doubt, only your own testing and testing remains, as each handle has its own ergonomics.


In addition, mufflers are a popular softair accessory and are very often seen on the field. By the way, silencers in a softair do not have a technical advantage. The silencers are usually installed for pure appearance and contribute nothing to the noise reduction.

Two legs

Two legs are an absolute must for every sniper rifle and DMR. They ensure a quiet goal and thus actively support you while playing.